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Matamba Joaquim is an actor, storyteller, director, graduated from the Angolan School of Art Institute (Instituto de formação Artistica – I.N.F.A) and made his stage debut in Luanda, at the theatre of the Avenue (Teatro Avenida), in Molière’s “The Misanthrope” directed by professor Norberto Natan’yadi. He then moves to Lisbon, Portugal, where he gets to know actors such as Angelo Torres, Daniel Martinho and Miguel Sermão.

ll four of them participate in the foundation of the Griot Theatre group (Teatro Griot), whose members are essentially Afro-descendants, and whose main goal is to explore universal themes that participate to the construction of a post-colonial Afro-European identity. Identity and inter-identity dynamics between Africa and Europe constitute the primary axis around which the activities of the group organise themselves.

This reflects itself in the choice of plays, of directors and actors. In Portugal, his first public appearance takes place at the Dona Maria II National Theatre in 2008, with a staged reading of O Desportivo da Sucata directed by Teresa Sobral. In 2009 the Griot Theatre Group puts together its first play, a children’s play, the Hunchback and the Gipsy (O Corcunda e a Cigana), directed by actress, and group member, Zia Soares.





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